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Welcome To Windy Coulee Canadian Horses
Quality and experienced Canadian horses for riding and driving raised on Alberta's native prairie grassland
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Summer 2017


Our farm strives to raise quality, well-trained Canadian horses while also managing the native prairie grassland and riparian areas of our land in a sustainable manner.

Native prairie grassland outperforms tame grasses as a year round forage giving our horse herd an advantage.  Drought tolerant, diverse and tasty, the mixed grass prairie of SW Alberta is our secret ingredient to raising healthy and strong Canadian horses. The coulee habitat making up our farm includes hills, a creek, brush, badger and ground squirrel holes in a challenging and windy climate. 

Horses raised here find a short 20 mile mountain ride a cakewalk, they are ready for creeks, tough trails, wildlife and “interesting weather conditions” - anything nature can throw at them - before they have ever left the farm!

We want to place the right horse with the right human partner for life. In order to do this our youngsters are professionally started and then ridden a lot!  We start with dressage and expose them to many different experiences in order to ensure they can perform to the best of their ability, and find the right person to match.  With Waterton Lakes National Park less than an hour away, many of our Canadians have been exposed to the wonderful trails and scenery (bridges, waterfalls, cliffs, trees, steep trails, rocks) of the backcountry.  Because we strive for quality rather than quantity, keep in touch and plan well in advance for your first Canadian horse purchase from Windy Coulee.

Zefyr - An Extraordinary Canadian Stallion!

Windy Coulee Canadian Horses follows the philosophy that we do not eat our equine partners (or our working dog partners for that matter) and thus does not support horse slaughter. We do support a kind and compassionate end to our equine companions, on the farm where they lived, when the time is there to help them along the way. We promote responsible breeding of our equine partners to preserve the heritage breed known as the Canadian Horse, Canada’s official national horse.

So great was their admiration for their horses, that in 1757, on the eve of the capture of New France by England, the administrators of the colony directed the people, now painfully short of food, to butcher some of their horses for meat. The inhabitants were horrified and protested to Monsieur de Vaudreuil that God would surely punish them for eating their horses, as it would be like eating one of the family.

The historian, Faillon, described the horses as “small but robust, hocks of steel, thick main floating in the wind, bright and lively eyes, pricking sensitive ears at the least noise, going along day or night with the same courage, wide awake beneath its harness, spirited, good, gentle, affectionate, following his road with finest instinct to come surely to his own stable.”
Such were the horses of our fathers

Excerpt from The Canadian Horse A Pictorial History by Gladys Mackey Beattie

Thanks so much to the photographers, H Eijgel, E. Devos, D. Starr, S. Godfrey & C. Thompson who's work is seen throughout this website.

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