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Beckett’s Creek Ferrari Zoe - this beautiful 2012 filly is a calm, pleasant horse taking after her dam, Sara. Her exceptional demeanor, fluid movement and breeding will add to our herds diversity. She is approaching 15 hands as a yearling, we can not wait to see her mature and start riding.

Calo Heros Exquise - joined the herd in July 2012, with a beautiful colt at her side. The two were purchased from Willowview Canadians where they had been wonderfully cared for and handled by Suzanne Spierenberg. These two horses are a significant contribution towards the quality of our Windy Coulee Canadian Horse herd. They are refined, athletic with fancy big movement, and have the sensible and kind mind typical of high quality Canadian horses. exquise
Lily Chantecler - a wonderful sport pony, from Bromont Quebec! Bred by Mr. Bienvenu, this 3/4 Canadian filly is the result of careful selection of mares and stallions over many years. She is by Becket’s Creek Ferrari and out of one of Mr. Bienvenu’s fine sport horse mares. Brent Trout started her May 2012. Lily is fun to work with, very cooperative and athletic, we continue to enjoy giving her experience on the farm and traveling with her to new places. She recently enjoyed a trip to Bob Creek Wildland! lily
Lucia Chantecler - another wonderful sport pony, also from Bromont, Quebec. This 3/4 Canadian filly is also the result of Mr. Bienvenu’s horse breeding program, and was also started by Brent Trout in May 2012 as well. We look forward to seeing what she can do riding and driving. lucia

Beckett’s Creek Kamouraska SAR Aka Sara - Sara traveled across the country to join the Windy Coulee herd fall 2011. She is the half sister of Strydr and you can tell! She is absolutely stunning when she runs with the mare herd in the big pasture. An exceptional quality horse - movement, conformation and temperament. Her foals will be wonderful to work with.


Du Coteau Lalou Annabelle – Annabelle traveled across the country to join us in 1992.  She is a super mare, amazing movement, kind, cooperative, a smart and gentle mother!  She rides, but her main job has been having foals and is now a grandma! 

photo: Cecilia Goncalves


Windy Coulee Dawn Juniper – Juniper is Annabelle’s only filly!  She is a typical Canadian, calm, tough, level headed and beautiful. Juniper enjoys the backcountry and has been ridden along some spectacular routes in Waterton and the Castle Wilderness. 

photo: Emma Devos


Windy Coulee Kilamanjaro Piper AKA Grinner – Juniper's first foal. This 2004 mare, is now Heidi's main riding horse. Piper is an official pony and has an equine Canada passport. She competes in dressage, is skilled at extreme trail obstacles, has shown an affinity for barrel racing, jumping and will soon join the ranks of Canadians competing in Competitive Trail Rides. Piper is athletic, has a kind heart, is generous and has no trouble at all summiting our high Rocky Mountain Peaks.

photo: Emma Devos


Grey Stone Wilfrid Fuchsia AKA Coco – Welcome to Windy Coulee Coco!
Co Co is the new guardian of the herd.  She is alert, observant, gentle and kind; and one flashy mover!

photo: Emma Devos

Kecaluku Charbon Patricia - Fancy, fast and kind; Patricia is a welcome new addition to the Windy Coulee herd! Patricia brings new blood lines to the herd. patricia

Windy Coulee Dawn Luna – Luna believes he is a movie star!  He has a lovely personality and takes good care of his riders, he likes to pose and look pretty and generally finds his way in every picture taken on the farm.  He is hoping to make it big in the movies – casting directors looking for a big black horse with a gregarious attitude please email his agent

photo: Heidi Eijgel


Windy Coulee Fox Fleury AKA Beaver – Heidi’s main riding horse, Beaver has stood the test of Competitive Trail Riding. The 2006 Novice Heavy Weight Highpoint, Beaver continued on to compete at Intermediate level in 2007, placing 2nd in his second ride. Competitive Trail Riding is dominated by Arabian horses, but a well conditioned Canadian (on a cool day) with a rider who can stay on a trail, is an item to contend with!  An intermediate competitive trail ride covers 25 miles at an average speed of 8 miles per hour. Beaver and Heidi ride many of the mountain trails in SW Alberta with their good friends, including the occasional 1,000 foot scree slope and mountain peak. Heidi claims she is sometimes only a couple of calf muscles and a fist full of mane away from certain death and trusts her mount with her life. Beaver is definitely a customized horse best suited for her and has spent time showing English, jumping and dressage. They have found their passion mountain riding and distance riding – but you never know what they are going to try next!    

photo: Emma Devos





Windy Coulee Dawn Pippin – Windy Coulee Dawn Pippin - PSH Rio with the Calgary City Police Mounted Unit.

Pippin is now in training with the Calgary Police Service Mounted Unit. Link to his blog post, Pippin Our Best Kept Secret



Windy Coulee Kamouraska Strydr – PSH Ranger with the Calgary City Police Mounted Unit.

Strydr is now in training with the Calgary Police Service Mounted Unit. Link to his blog post, The Scoop on Strydr

photo: Heidi Eijgel



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